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Craftsmanship at Toy-Factory is built on the professionalism of experienced producers with the use of the latest manufacturing facilities in existence in Japan.
There is a phrase which goes "All start at Toy Factory", our code of conduct since the foundation of Toy Factory in 1995. Toy Factory started at a site in Kani City of Gifu Prefecture, by modifying one Toyota Hi-Ace. This led to the later creations of such vehicles models as LINDBERGH, LAND TEPEE, TOY’S BOX, GT, MILAN, BADEN, ZARA, CORDOBA, ALTA MODA series and other advanced campervans in succession. On each campervan, there are respectively different uniqueness while they are all also innovative products that characterize the period of their times.
“No compromise in quality” echoes innovations of seasoned crafts. This is what holds up Toy Factory today and is the commitment to the future as well. We do not create mediocrity. I believe that the innovative development technologies at Toy Factory are always at the latest and at its best.

Toy-Factory Co., Ltd. Chairman & CEOAkifumi Fujii

〜21 years of challenges to achieve global quality〜 〜21 years of challenges to achieve global quality〜