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"No Compromise – Toy Factory Style"

The spirit that sustains Toy-Factory today is "We do not compromise for everything we make".
The products of Toy Factory have been the first of the industry in many aspects in the past and have always evolved and improved.
It has been over 20 years of constant challenges to achieve the global quality.
Our pursuit of innovative development technologies have been always on. We intend to continue with our challenge for the new designs, the advanced functions and the superior environmental measures.

Corporate profile

Company name Toy Factory Co., Ltd.
Representative Officer Akifumi Fujii, Representative Director
Establishment date August 1999
Head Office 800-1 Seta, Kani City, Gifu Prefecture 509-0213 Japan
Kanagawa Office 6-10-17 Kugenumakaigan, Fujisawa City,
Kanagawa Prefecture 251-0037 Japan
Business description

Manufacture and sales of camping vehicles

Manufacture and sales of special vehicles and vehicles for disabled

Manufacture of automobile interiors and exteriors

Import and sales of European vehicles

Import and sales of recreational vehicle accessories and parts

Licensed inspection and maintenance services

Principal business partners

Toyota Motor Corporation    Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Toyota Motor Corporation
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Affiliated companies Toy Factory International Co., Ltd.

History of Toy-Factory

August 1995 Toy-Factory founded.
Started manufacture of camper vans with specialization in vehicle thermal insulation.
May 1997 Started sales of camper vans "Lindbergh" and "Tepee".
August 1999 Toy-Factory LCC founded.
2000 Announced the launch of "Seven Seas" based on Grand HiAce.
2001 Announced the launch of the first generation "Land Tepee".
This is the first model of the series that will become a long selling vehicle.
February 2004 Toy Factory Co., Ltd. founded.
September 2004 Developed the HIT structure (high quality thermal insulation technology).
The first year of our "Triple Thermal Insulation Revolution"!
August 2005 Launched the SSS Design concept.
December 2007 Acquired the status of authorized importer and dealer for FENDT, a camping trailer manufacturer in Germany.
February 2008 Completed construction of factory in Okinawa. Achieved domestic production in all stages from parts procurement through to manufacture .
Developed acrylic window (patent pending).
Full acrylic window installed on van conversion vehicles for the first time in Japan.
Announced the launch of "Milan Style".
August 2008 Submitted the camper van thermal insulation process LCA report for camper vans to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, a first of the industry.
February 2009 Announced the "Eco Camper Concept".
October 2009 Received "Good Design Award" for our first in the industry vehicle mounted roof solar system.
This proved to be a trend setter for installation of solar panels on camper vans that followed.
February 2010 Announced the launch of "Baden".
This model becomes our flagship model.
March 2010 Received the first prize for general category of the "2010 Camper Van of the Year" for Baden, selected by the readers of the Auto Camper Magazine.
December 2010 Started full scale collaboration with Sharp,
the largest manufacturer of solar panels.
February 2011 Announced the "Smart Grid Camper Concept".
Announced the launch of "Seven Seas " bus conversion.
March 2011 Received the first prize for general category of the "2011 Camper Van of the Year" for GT, selected by the readers of the Auto Camper Magazine. This award was received two consecutive years in a row.
A rapid increase occurred with the number of orders for manufacture of special vehicles other than camper vans, such as fire fighting related vehicles and the Red Cross related vehicles.
April 2011 Started export of camper vans for other countries in Asia.
October 2011 Participated in the "World Solar Challenge 2011".
Participated as a supporting corporation for Team Okinawa. Achieved an overland crossing of the Australian Continent.
June 2012 Fabricated a demonstrator vehicle for HighAce Super High Roof intended for Gifu Auto Body Co., Ltd., which is a company of the Toyota Group.
July 2012 The development, design and manufacturing departments split up to form Toy Factory International Co., Ltd.
December 2012 Conducted design, development and manufacture of doctor car for overseas.
February 2013 Announced the launch of "Vogue". A vehicle dedicated for super high roof with outer and inner panels, as well as electrically elevating bed.
May 2013 Acquired patent for acrylic double glazed thermal insulation window and Aero window.
January 2014 Received consignment of Command HiAce intended for "GAXOO" Toyota Racing Team.
February 2014
Mr. Takeshi Tsuruno, who received the Second Camper Van Award selected "Baden Alta Moda".
The vehicle was loaned free of charge for one year. He later became the owner of the vehicle.

Concluded a work consignment agreement with J-TACS Corporation, which is a company in the Toyota Group, in relation to the manufacture of special vehicles for overseas. Vehicles manufactured by Toy-Factory were exported as Toyota branded vehicles.
February 2015 Developed the vehicle mounted specification Black Solar Panel, the second collaborative effort with Sharp. Implemented the "High Concentration Plasma Cluster 25000", the third collaborative effort with Sharp.
Established the Asobi Creating Company, an outdoor activities business unit.
March 2015 Delivered an accompanying vehicle of special specifications for the first mobile hydrogen station in Japan to Toyota Tsusho Corporation.
June 2015 Concluded an agreement with Kenya Red Cross Society.
April 2016 Manufactured the second vehicle intended for "GAXOO" Toyota Racing Team.
Opened "Toy no mori" (Toy Forest) camp site dedicated to owners of camper vans made by Toy-Factory.
May 2016 Delivered the first Doctor Car based on LandCruiser to Kenya Red Cross Society.
June 2016 Manufactured a vehicle for Christel Vie Ensemble Foundation led by Ms. Christel Takigawa.
July 2016 Opened Shonan Office of Toy-Factory.